CONTUO standing desk ave obtained the BIFMA certificate 

Recently, the company passed the BIFMA certification of the American association of office furniture manufacturers.

Certificate no. : SZHH01251312

What is the American BIFMA standard?BIFMA is the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association of America.BIFMA certified BFM is a test service for office furniture such as office chairs, filing cabinets, changsha hair, tables, screens, etc.

The practical significance of BIFMA certification?

In order to enter the United States, furniture from all over the world must first obtain the international standard permit certified by institutions such as BIFMA before entering the American market.Therefore, BIFMA plays an important role in international furniture trade.The test of office furniture mainly carries out corresponding standards according to the import countries, such as JIS, GB, ISO, BIFMA, etc.In general, the test contents which are some stability, strength and fatigue test, the test project is the same, but the BIFMA standard with its perfect content, strict requirements gradually won widespread recognition.

At present, most office furniture produced in China cannot pass the BIFMA test.Special